Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comcast Summary

Some of you readers wanted to know what became of the Comcast saga. I thought I had made it clear in the last post of the series, but upon reading it I see that I did not. Here's what my setup is now:

$12.95 for Basic Cable (channels 2-13, essentially)
$1.79 for two CableCards

The CableCards give me the HD channels 902-913 for "free." I don't have to pay the $8.00 fee to receive them.

I'm very happy with this arrangement. I did buy an outdoor HD antenna and briefly tried it out. It received the stations well, but I was worried about the trees that obscured the line-of-sight to the transmitters about 40 miles away. I ended up returning the antenna and sticking with cable.

A friend has encouraged me to try the antenna again and ditch cable entirely. I may do that when I get the time. That will save roughly $15/month.